3M Aura for Sale – 9320A Individually Wrapped

This 3M Aura for Sale – 9320A+ respirator sets new benchmarks in wearer comfort. Its features include a headband material which helps even out strap pressure.

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This respirator sets new benchmarks in wearer comfort. The advanced three panel design and ultra soft inner cover web allows respirator to comfortably mould onto your face and accommodate facial movements without compromising the fit. Being foldable, they offer you more convenience than traditional cup shaped respirators. Its features include a headband material which helps even out strap pressure.

A respirator with low breathing resistance:

Combines the benefit of 3M’s electret particulate filter material with advanced low breathing resistance filter technology.



Easy to store when not in use. The hygienic individual packaging helps protect the respirator from contamination before use. An innovative chin tab improves ease of donning and adjustment to help achieve a comfortable fit.

Clear vision:

Embossed top panel helps reduce fogging of eyewear.

Sculpted nose panel:

Conforms well to nose and eye contours and helps provide a good field of vision. The curved, low profile design also improves compatibility with eyewear.

Face and head comfort:

Ingenious 3-panel design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes and accommodates facial movements. The collapse resistant feature makes it stays securely in place, helping to provide a good, comfortable seal. The large soft nose foam material and smooth inner cover web help to create a comfortable environment for the face even for work in hot humid environments. This product replaces 3M™ Flat Fold Particulate Respirator 9320, P2.

Features of of the 3M Aura Mask for Sale

  • Low breathing resistance
  • Convenience
  • Clear vision
  • Sculpted nose panel
  • Face and head comfort

Note: These are non-sterile protective masks for use (a) in the home; or (b) for occupational or recreational use

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