Can you Cover up an Old Fireplace?

Does your home have an old fireplace that you wish would just go away – maybe it doesn’t fit the aesthetic of your house or its letting in a cold draft when you never use it. You have probably thought about trying to just cover it up at some point or another. But, can you just cover up a fireplace ?

You can cover up a old fireplace in multiple ways. You can use decorative tin tile or a drywall cover. Bricking up your fireplace is also an option to permanently close off the fireplace, but you should consult a professional for this method. Covering the fireplace is more energy efficient for your home.

How can I cover up my existing fireplace?

can you cover up a wood burning fireplaceCovering up a old fireplace is possible in both simple and tricky ways. Whatever your reason may be for wanting your fireplace covered up, there are several different methods you can use to accomplish this goal. You might have a fireplace you want hidden but you enjoy the mantel itself. One thing you can try is using decorative tin tile to cover the fireplace with a design you enjoy and still showcase your mantel. There are lots of different diverse designs you can choose from. You can also decorate the mantel using knick-knacks that will complement the tin cover you choose, creating a fun theme for the room.

But this is only a temporary solution. For a more permanent fix, you can build a cover yourself using lumber and drywall. If you’re a homeowner who is thinking of selling your home in the near future, this is a perfect option for you. This cover will be easy to remove before you show your home to potential buyers. Once you complete this DIY fireplace cover, you’re able to paint the cover however you want to make it blend in with your desired theme. Just remember to put a foam board inside the fireplace or in front of the doors to prevent a draft from occurring. When making your cover, it’s a good idea to wear a KN95 mask to stop dust particles from entering your airway!

If you’re looking to permanently close off your fireplace, then using brick and mortar is the way to go. This is a more complex method, but the best if you want to close off the fireplace. If you are going to do this, you need to choose a brick that looks similar to the fireplace you have in your home. When it comes to utilizing this method, it’s best to call a professional instead of trying to take it on yourself as a DIY project. A professional will have the quality bricklaying tools and knowledge needed to complete the task.

Can you just brick up an old fireplace?

If you want to permanently close off your fireplace then bricking it up is the way to go. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you choose this method. Even if you’re closing up your fireplace, it needs air ventilation so that air pockets don’t form and back up the chimney. You can get this ventilation by adding in an air brick which will also prevent moisture from collecting and creating damp areas in your chimney. You should cap your chimney to allow air to come through while still being protected from the rain and small animals like birds. Most importantly, before you even begin to brick up your fireplace you need to make sure that you sweep the chimney. This ensures that bird nests, debris, and soot are as minimized as possible.

A lot of people who choose to brick up their fireplace don’t understand that ventilation is still needed or the steps that come with it. This is why it’s usually recommended that you contact a professional instead of attempting to complete this project all by yourself. Be sure to look into the tools needed for this project. To get the bricks to fit perfectly, a multi-purpose diamond saw blade will be great to cut them down.

Why do people block off old fireplaces?

The main reason some people close off their fireplaces is to improve air quality. Burning poor-quality wood, not having proper ventilation in your chimney, or having blockages in the flue, can disrupt your home’s air quality. Poor air quality can cause negative health impacts like nausea, irritation, headaches, allergies, and fatigue. So, people close off their fireplaces to reduce the risk of impact on the air quality in their homes.

should I cover up my fireplaceOne reason people choose to close off their fireplace is that it’s not very energy efficient. Since your chimney flue is there to create circulation throughout your home, it can result in your air conditioning or heating bills increasing.

Another reason is that you can have the aesthetics without having the upkeep. Some people get frustrated with all of the maintenance that owning a fireplace requires. Since they can get a fireplace cover whilst keeping the aesthetics of the fireplace mantel to tie their living room together, they’d rather block it off. That way if they want to sell their house, for example, the mantel is still in the living room to act as a desirable centrepiece. Then they don’t have to deal with the downsides like an increase in their utility bills.

How do fireplace plugs work?

If you aren’t using your old fireplace, but you don’t want to cover it up then you could try using fireplace plugs. This is a more affordable method to use in order to prevent drafts while you aren’t using your fireplace. Fireplace plugs are also called flue blockers, chimney pillows, and draft stoppers. These will help you to make your home more energy-efficient. But the downside is that using fireplace plugs isn’t as effective as choosing to brick up your fireplace instead. Although fireplace plugs will definitely help minimize the draft, they won’t stop it completely. There may still be a slight draft through your home that could affect your utility bills. Fireplace plugs are made from inflatable urethane (cut-to-size foam) so they can fit snugly against your damper to reduce the draft in your home.

Maybe, instead of covering up your fireplace, you are just looking to give it a new life. Have you thought about using tiles? We have a guide to fireplace tile use. Do you know how to install perfect brick tiles? Check out Paragon Tools Australia for more quality bricklaying, grinding and cutting tools!

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