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Stealth Master - Diamond Blade for Cutting Concrete Block and Pavers

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Stealth Master - Diamond Blade for Cutting Concrete Block and Pavers

Looking for the best diamond cutting blades to cut concrete block and concrete pavers? This premium Stealth Master Blade range helps you cut to the chase!

Paragon is a name associated with quality, and their Stealth Master diamond cutting blades are no exception.

Stop reaching for a generic or universal diamond cutter blade. If you're cutting cement block, cutting cement pavers or cutting concrete bricks regularly, then you'll get better value from a speciality concrete block cutting blade.

What sets this diamond tip saw blade apart from others on the market?

Not everything is equal when it comes to cutting ability of diamond tip saw blades. There are fantastic options on the open market all the way down to cheap and nasty diamond cutters that will end up costing you time and money.

The beauty of the Stealth Master diamond tip blade for cutting concrete block, is that it has some of the highest innovative technology while remaining affordable.

1. It will last you longer

These laser welded diamond blades are produced using the latest innovative German technology available on the market. Did you know that on average, laser-welded blades have proved to last up to 35% longer than your standard diamond tip blades.

It's because the laser welded technology makes the diamond segments more resistant to high cutting temperatures. This means you get longer life from a laser welded blade.

Not only that, the bonds holding the diamonds together has been speciality formulated for concrete materials- so they last longer when your cutting concrete block and concrete pavers. (See table below for detailed cutting specifications.)

2. It's a silent diamond cutter

So why are they called the Stealth Master? Because they are so damn quiet!

You don't have to put up with noise pollution from these diamond discs since superior silencing technology is incorporated within them. They cut down the noise of the blade when cutting cement block to just 8 decibels - that's less than whisper quiet!

3. It is designed specifically for block saws

Did you know that a block saw generally has a lower Revs Per Minute (RPM) than quick cuts and other hand held cutters? It is no good for your diamond saw blade, and ultimately it is unsafe to put a diamond saw blade with a higher RPM than what your block saw is supposed to take.

These Stealth Master diamond saw blades have lower RPMs specifically designed for your blocksaw. They will cut concrete blocks and bricks safely and with ease.

4. It will make your job easier

The segments in these diamond cutting blades flush out the waste from the cut, and keep the blade cool while also getting you a quick and easy cut. They are versatile and can be used to cut wet or dry - but as always you will get the most out of your diamond cutting blades when you cut wet.

Stealth Master Concrete Block And Concrete Paver Blade Specifications

With the industry leading quality of these blades for cutting concrete block and pavers, you won’t be disappointed with the value for money these diamond discs provide.

Please note that these concrete block cutting saw blades are not recommended for use on clay material. If that's what you are looking for you need the Stealth Master - Universal Hard Brick Abrasive Blade.

Choose from:

  • 14" (14 inch), 350mm diameter, Max RPM 4300, Bore Size: 25.4mm
  • 20" (20 inch) 500mm diameter, Max RPM 3800, Bore Size: 25.4mm

We’ve made our product descriptions as detailed as possible so you can make the best investment based on your budget and job.

  Will Cut Most Suitable 
Aerated Concrete /  Hebel Block   √√√
Asphalt/ Bitumen   √√√
Basalt (Bluestone) √√  
Bricks Calsil (Sand Lime / Calcium Silicate) √√  
Bricks Clay - Including Hard Pavers  
Cement Render / Screed   √√√
Ceramic Tiles    
Concrete Block, Paver, Brick √√  
Concrete Cured Reinforced  
Concrete Green (Abrasive)   √√√
Concrete Roof Tile   √√√
Engineered Stone √√  
Fibre Cement Sheet  
Mortar joints   √√√
Sandstone   √√√
Steel - Pipes, Lintels, Tube  
Terracotta √√  
Wall Chasing - Hard Material √√  

If you’re not sure if the Paragon Stealth Master is the right fit for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0426752251. One of our experienced customer service representatives will be able to provide you with guidance on what diamond cutting disc you need.

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