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Flash - 14 inch Multi-Purpose Diamond Saw Blades

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Reliability is a major selling point for Paragon Tools. Their Multi-Purpose Segmented Saw blade (MPSS blade) – the Paragon Flash  is no exception.

If you work with other diamond saw blades, why not test out the Paragon Flash for durability and longevity?

They cut such a wide range of materials and that's why these MPSS turbo blades are so popular. They cut almost everything on the jobsite! When it comes to the Flash MPSS blades, there aren’t many materials that these diamond cutting blades can’t make light work of. They really are a superior blade on the market.

This diamond cutting blade is also popular because of its great value. They provide a long life and quieter cut than many other diamond cutting blades in the market that have a higher price tag

Is the Paragon Flash 14” Diamond Cutting Disc Right for You?

The first thing you should consider is what you are cutting. To make it easy, look at the cutting specification list below. It highlights the materials best suited to these diamond saw blades. This way you won't get any unexpected surprises!

The next thing is to check the Revs per Minute (RPM) range of your saw. This diamond tip saw blade has a max rating of 5400 RPM which makes it an ideal demo saw blade.

If you want a blade that won't blast your ears off, then it's good to know that the Flash diamond saw blades are vibration damped to be semi silent / quiet. 

What is good about segmented turbo diamond saw blades?

There are a couple of benefits to cutting with a segmented turbo diamond saw blade:

  1. The segments blow dust and slurry from the cut while also cooling the blade. Regulating the temperature of the diamond disc is key to extending the service life and performance of the blades.
  2. The turbo rim gives this diamond disc the edge with its superior cutting speed.

Segmented turbo blades give a fast cut, and their versatility means they are great for bricklayers, builders, concreters, landscapers and general demolition. The segments do give a rougher cut than the continuous diamond blade varieties, so for any precious materials we advise you move to one of our more specialised diamond blades.

Paragon Flash Universal Segmented Turbo Blades Specifications

350mm / 14” diameter diamond tip blade

Max RPM: 5400

Turbo segmented diamond rim for a fast cut

Semi-silent / quiet diamond tip blade

Bore Size: 25.4mm.

Wet and Dry cutting diamond disc.

See cutting guide below. 

Flash Multi-Purpose Segmented Saw Blade Cutting Specifications

Will Cut Most Suitable
Aerated Concrete /  Hebel Block √√√
Asphalt / Bitumen √√√SHORT LIFE
Basalt (Bluestone) √√√
Bricks Calsil (Sand Lime / Calcium Silicate) √√√
Bricks Clay / Hard Clay Pavers √√
Cement Render / Screed √√√
Ceramic Tiles
Concrete: Block / Paver / Brick √√
Concrete Cured Reinforced √√
Concrete Green (Abrasive) √√√SHORT LIFE
Concrete Roof Tile √√√
Engineered Stone √√√
Fiber Cement Sheet (Fibro) √√√
Fire Brick (Refractory Ceramic Brick and Block) √√√
Limestone √√
Mortar joints √√√
Sandstone √√√
Slate √√
Steel – Pipes, Lintels, Tube √√
Terazzo √√
Wall Chasing – Hard Material √√

So whether you are cutting fibre cement, brick or block, this universal blade is very versatile.

Have a question?

If you’re not sure if the Paragon Flash is the right blade for your job, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our experienced customer service representatives will be able to help you out. Just give us a call on 0426752251

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