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Why would I need a P2 Mask?

If you are doing any cutting, grinding, welding, or even activities around the home like using a garden blower it is important to protect yourself from microscopic airborne particulates with a dust mask. Once breathed in they can cause havoc on your respiratory system, and potentially can cause long term health issues.

P2 masks are also use for air pollution smog, protecting you when air quality is particularly bad.

What are P2 Masks?

P2 masks are a higher grade of mask than you would see in your standard doctor or dental surgery. They are designed to have a tighter seal on your face preventing those particles from being breathed in.

P2 masks for sale in Australia are usually sold as meeting the Australian and NZ Standard: AS/NZS 1716:2012.

P2 Mask vs a N95 Mask

There is not much difference between a N95 mask and a P2 mask. The name is often used interchangeably. The main difference is which country has assess the mask.

The N95 is the NiOSH (USA testing requirements.) and the P2 represents the EC (European testing requirements).

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Have you got bushfire smoke in your area? Then it is recommended that you wear a P2 mask outdoors and stay inside as much as possible.

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Instructions for fitting a P2 or N95 mask

Fit check instructions provided by the QLD Government of Australia.

Coronavirus Mask P2=N95

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