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KN95 Mask – Individually Wrapped- Equivalent to P2 / N95 – 1 Piece * IN STOCK *

KN95 Mask Suitable for a wide range of industries, as they are lightweight and comfortable that may increase wearer time.

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KN95 Mask Suitable for a wide range of industries. Ideal for use against particulates generated through sanding, dusting, grinding or combustion and low toxicity mists that do not produce harmful gases or vapours.

Lightweight construction for added comfort that may increase wearer time.

Mask Design Features

  • This Respirator features an adjustable nose piece for secure seal to reduce leakage risk.
  • Earloop straps for convenience with staple-free attachment
  • Low resistance to air flow particulate filter fabric for easy breathing and effective filtration.
  • Individually packed for hygienic storage and transport.
  • Individually packaged in resealable ziplock bags
  • Disposable.


  • Tested against KN95 against GB2626-2006

Click here for further information from 3M Safety Division on how certified respirators across different parts of the world can be expected to function very similarly to one another. This is based on the performance requirements stated in the standards and confirmed during conformity testing.

Read this article we put together on how these KN95 masks are great for stopping your glasses from slipping down your nose.

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Ian Jones

January 2 2021


I received a Biweikang mask. It is good


Andrew Long

September 4 2020

Was happy to be able to buy them singularly

thank you


Scott Hampsen

May 28 2020

This mask fits well, doesn't press on my nose, and at the same time doesn't create gaps around the edges.


Anil More

March 15 2020

Nose pieces are durable. Good quality mask.

Good quality mask that fits well. The nose piece is flexible and durable. I have tried others with nose pieces that break with one use. These nose pieces were much stronger



March 9 2020

Kn95 masks

I purchased these first up to try and liked them so much that I bought the 10 packsfor myself and another for my mum. The ear straps are more comfortable than other masks I’ve worn. It forms a pretty good seal around my mouth. I would wear these masks all of the time if it weren’t for the cost, but this is the world we live in right now.

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