Disposable Face Mask for Children – 20 pack

These black colour disposable masks are made up to fit kids faces, they come in 14.5cm width x 9cm height sizes.

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3 Ply Children’s Mask

These disposable child size masks for sale are made of a multilayer non-woven melt blown fabric to provide maximum protection. They are non-toxic and suitable for sensitive skin with zero chemical smell and high breathability for your comfort and enjoyment.

Colour: Black or Blue (colour chosen at random)

Size: 14.5cm width x 9cm height

Application: Kids public mask

Type: Disposable Mask

Style: High Stretch Earloop Straps

Age: Approximately 3- 13 years, please check the dimensions specified.

Material: Made of non-woven melt blown material, they are easy on your skin and comfortable to wear.

Comfort: Adjustable wired bridge at the top to mould  to your nose

Note: To make these accessible to more people we have taken these masks out of the original packaging and have re-packaged them in lots of 20. Children under 2 years old should not wear a mask


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3 reviews for Disposable Face Mask for Children – 20 pack

  1. Felicity Dee

  2. Mary

    Fit the 4 year old and 7 year old and me. Cute colors made the kids excited to wear them. Each mask has a wire nose strip to fit better to the child’s face. Comfortable ear straps. Mask became a little loose on the 4 year old after they pulled it a few times so we just twisted the ear loop once or twice to tighten it back up.

  3. Heiti


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