Benefits Of Rendering Your House

What are the benefits of rendering your house?

If you’re a homeowner, you may have thought about rendering your property at some point. This means that you plaster a protective coat of cement, lime, acrylic, or another type of material over the exterior walls of your home. If you have the money to render your home, it is definitely worth it!

Here we’re going to explore the top 11 benefits to rendering your home.

What is the purpose of rendering?

The most common reason to render your home is to protect it from weather conditions like strong winds and rain. The main benefit that rendering has is that it gives the exterior of your home a protective layer. This layer helps keep it protected from extreme weather conditions and the unwanted condensation that can come with bad weather.

Rendering your house can provide you with reassurances that your home will be protected throughout the different seasons. This can be especially comforting if you live in an area with drastic weather changes.

Another benefit of rendering your home is that it will improve your home’s insulation. The coat on your home will help let hot air out during the warmer months and help your home retain heat during the colder months. In addition to improved insulation, your home will also become more energy-efficient, allowing you to save some extra money on bills. While you are considering rendering your home, you should think about adding external wall insulation to give your home even better insulation.

How expensive is rendering?

Rendering modernizes your house

The cost of rendering a house is significantly less than the cost of knocking down dated and ruined materials, then having to rebuild. Plus, with the render acting as a protective barrier to the bricks and other exterior house materials, you will save money on potential future problems. Rendering prevents bricks from cracking and extends the lifespan of your house exterior. As mentioned, rendering protects against the rain, which adds to the value of the material and the house. Ultimately rendering will save you costs involved with rebuilding aspects of a home that have started to fall apart from the impact of the environment.

How much you’ll spend on house rendering varies depending on what company you choose to use. It’s always a good idea to reach out to companies you’re considering using to get an estimate of how much it will cost you. It also depends on your rendering method and materials. But, as you can see, the cost of rendering now will save you much more in the future.

What is the point of rendering?

Rendering can help stop rain from getting into your home. This is another potential cost that rendering will prevent you from having. If you live in a house with older brick, house rendering can be especially helpful if you currently have a problem with dampness getting into your home. Also, if you are looking to make sure that unwanted condensation will not get into your home in the future.

Polymer is a really good rendering material that is breathable and waterproof. It is recommended for use in damp areas around the house, as well as its exterior. This is because polymer, having good waterproofing mixes, prevents walls from rotting if they are exposed to water. A good option to consider for use in bathrooms to protect the area from the condensation of the shower.

Dos render increase the value of a house?

Rendering your home can help to improve your property value by making the exterior of your house appear newer than it is. It also gives potential homebuyers reassurance that there have been repairs already done on their future home that will provide them with extra insulation. The rendering will help keep their new home protected from unwanted dampness getting inside of the house. The exterior pictures of your home will look stunning once it’s time to get photography done and start marketing it to potential buyers!

If you’re looking to modernize your home, rendering is an affordable way to make some valuable changes. Rendering has been a standard for house developers across the world for a long time and now it is becoming a big part of Australian house construction. The most popular house designs typically have some sort of rendered finish. The smooth appearance offered by rendering could be just the modern touch that you are looking for.

The specific cost will vary depending on what type of material you end up using. Cement can be used to render a home. It is considered a standard in the industry, and it is a very affordable material to use. Acrylic render is another material that you can choose to use but it is a little more expensive and is easy to apply.

Rendering your home can improve your home’s aesthetic. It does this by hiding any flaws or imperfections that were left from previous construction. It will also provide your home with a more sleek and modern appearance. So, if the exterior of your home has any knicks or inconsistencies that are driving you crazy, rendering your home might be the perfect approach to take!

Make sure you have quality construction tools to complete the rendering and properly fix up the imperfections on your house.

Another way that rendering can improve your home’s aesthetic is by helping blend old parts of your home into newer parts and extensions. Maybe you’ve had poor-quality work done or you have mismatched material on the exterior of your home that’s been driving you crazy. If so, rendering your home is the perfect solution to blend it all together. In the end, the exterior will look more cohesive with a modern finish. Rendering is a great addition to any renovation project. Be sure that when you’re adding rendering to a house, that you have the correct PPE gear to keep you safe whilst getting the job done.

Does rendering add strength

maintenance of house renderingRendering can be the perfect choice for 2-storey structures like an upper deck. For 2-storey structures it can be difficult to find a material that will provide support, this is when foam cladding rendering is an excellent option. This material is not only lightweight but also surprisingly long-lasting and resistant to moisture. Foam-rendering needs to be added correctly to ensure that moisture doesn’t seep through and get into the home. But when it is correctly executed, the foam insulates the 2-storey home really well and is worth the cost.

Rendering is versatile since it can be used on almost any material including brick, steel frame buildings, and polystyrene sheets.

Does render need maintenance

Wood cladding is a trend that is quickly growing but it comes with some downsides. Wood cladding requires much more maintenance than rendering. Wood cladding can suffer from insect infestations, it can need a lot of re-coating, and it can also shrink as the temperature fluctuates. Rendering is not exempt from needing any maintenance, but it definitely requires significantly less maintenance than wood cladding. The maintenance you’ll have to do on your home with rendering will happen over time and it’s usually just small repairs that are needed due to organic growth.

Does a rendered wall need painting

What are the benefits of exterior wall rendering?Coloured or tinted render does not need to be painted and in most cases, it actually has a more appealing look. Coloured render has an excellent quality that you won’t get from painted render. In addition to its rustic and smooth appearance, coloured render also is resistant to water and will last for a long time. This is a perfect option for brick homes especially.

If you are building a brick home, or another project involving brick, make sure you know how to lay bricks properly. Whilst you’re playing with renovation ideas, what about tackling the bathroom? We have the best advice on the order of tiling your shower! Make sure you have enough KN95 masks for your renovations.

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