BT1600 Bartell Compaction Rammer


BT1600 Bartell Compaction Rammer is the heaviest hitting jumping jack offered by Bartell. It packs in over 225kg more force than most compaction rammers.

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Compaction Rammer, Jumping Jack Tamper, or Tamping Hammer. Whatever you want to call it – if you’re looking for a professional capacity dirt compactor look no further than Bartell’s BT1600 Compaction Rammer. The BT1600 is the heaviest hitting jumping jack offered by Bartell. It packs in over 225kg more force than most compaction rammers. The innovative design of this Compaction Rammer will allow you to compact deep levels of material. Whether you’re compacting granular or cohesive soils, you’ll see perfect results every time.

As industry leaders of the construction trade across the globe, Bartell know that longevity is essential. That’s why each component to this jumping jack tamper is built to last. This professional grade jumping jack tamper is no exception.

Undoubtedly the best selling point of the BT1600 Rammer is the sheer velocity of the machine. But, there are also plenty of other additional features. If you’re conscious about keeping the operators safe, Bartell have you covered. The safety features ensure that heavy duty compaction will be carried out safely.

Why Choose this Bartell Compaction Rammer

The BT1600 Compaction Rammer comes with a Honda GX120 engine for maximum performance and reliability. The engine is powered with a diaphragm carburettor for extra power at higher elevations. It also has a dual air filtration system to keep dust and dirt out of the engine. This will make sure your machine lasts for the long haul.

Bartell is all about making it easy for you. Each BT1600 Upright Rammer Compactor comes with a dolly (a trolley to move it around) and an integrated roller and lift handle so you can load and unloaded it on your own!

To reduce stress, strain and fatigue on your body, it has a built in innovative shock mount system. Basically, it increases your comfort by limiting your hand-arm vibration when in use. It also has an adjustable handle. In one simple manoeuvre you can set the handle to the perfect height!

This compaction rammer comes with a heavy duty throttle control. This allows you to dictate the power according to what you need. Adjustable power settings to ensure the full capacity of the engine is only used when needed.

To protect your investment, the engine is covered by a protective roll cage. This protects of all components within the frame should you lose control of your Compaction Rammer.

Specifications of the BT1600 Compaction Rammer

  • Wide plate size to cover large areas and achieved desired results in minimal time.
  • Honda GX120 engine, 3.5hp (2.6kW), and 3600 RPM
  • Integrated fuel valve to ensure an easy start every time.
  • Solid and robust engineering in each component
  • A large 2L fuel tank
  • Compaction Force: 1600kgf
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Plate Size: 280mm x 300mm
  • Optional trench shoe is also available.

With all those features in mind, it’s easy to see why many construction workers turn to this BT1600 Bartell tamping hammer. The price tag may be higher with the Bartell BT1600 model. Yet, the efficiency of the strongest rammer compactor in their line up isn’t to be underestimated.

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