B430 Bartell 30 inch Edger Power Trowel

This lightweight B430 Bartell 30 inch Edger Power Trowel is unrivaled when it comes to the combination of balance and weight. The main important feature of the Bartell B430 Edger Trowel is it’s ability to work closely along walls.

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Bartell B439 30″ Edger Power Trowelling Machine for Sale

Ride-on and walk behind trowels may be the perfect tool for finishing large areas of concrete. But for the perfect finish you’ll need an edger power trowel to allow you to easily and closely move around fixtures and walls. With the 72cm float pan you’ll still cover plenty of ground, and you’ll also get the close finish you need.

Don’t expect that the amount of power is compromised just because it is a 30″ power trowel. With a high-powered Honda GX160 engine, you’ll get a 4.8 horsepower output which will help you put the finishing touches on any concrete floor. You’ll also notice that the design structure is similar to Bartell B446 and Bartell B436 models. Plenty of benefits that you’ve come to love from those models is included with the Bartell B430 power trowel for concrete.

Top Benefits of this 30 inch Edger Trowel Machine

The main important feature of the Bartell B430 Edger Trowel is it’s ability to work closely along walls. It has been highly regarded by concretors and flooring specialists for the past 40 years. Bartell has focussed on ensuring that the design in highly precise and these edger trowel machines are built to exact tolerances.

This lightweight power trowel is unrivaled when it comes to the combination of balance and weight. With many of the other brands of edging trowel machines for sale, you’ll either have to compromise on the weight or balance. But field tests have proven that even when it comes to the hardest of jobs, you can count on this Bartell power trowel.

Not only has Bartell thoroughly tested the capability of this concrete power trowel, its life span has also been put to the test. Even under the toughest conditions, this edger trowel machine has proved to be hardwearing and equipped to stand the test of time. Even with every day rigorous use you can expect its tensile steel to withstand years of use.

Specifications of the B430 Edging Trowel Machine

  • Lightweight 67kg design for easy transport and maneuverability
  • Petrol Power Trowel with a Honda GX160 motor
  • Engine Power: 4.8hp / 3.6kW
  • Float Pan: 30” / 72cm
  • Combination Blades: 4.75” x 10.5” / 12cm x 26cm
  • Precision balanced power trowel blades for easy and smooth operations.
  • A high-tensile, robust gear box and shafting – just two of the components that are built to last.
  • Faster trowelling due to the cast iron spider design assembly.
  • Tight tolerances from the precision ground arms.
  • Folding handle to make this power trowel easy to transport and store.
  • Integrated hoist hook to make it simple to lift the machine.
  • This power trowel includes both pan and combination blades. Switch between them to get the finish desired.
  • Easy to access centrifugal safety switch to enable you to cut the engine quickly to prevent accidents.
  • Throttle control for variable speed while operating the edger trowel.

Power Trowel Spare Parts

Looking for Bartell power trowel parts? We can help you out. We are authorised warranty repairers for Bartell Machinery and can provide you with the spare parts that you need.

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