Vibratory Plate Compactors

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Plate Compactor For Sale

You can’t go past a Vibratory Plate Compactor when you are setting the foundations for any slab.

The way a vibratory compactor works is simple. Through high frequency vibration, the plate compactor reduces the number of air pockets in the soil. And then combined with the weight of its heavy plate, the machine is effectively able to compact the soil underneath.

While being operated, the machine generates a horizontal force to propel itself in a forward motion. This particular feature makes the equipment easier to handle and operate.

What Is The Best Plate Compactor?

Plate Compactors come in forward unit or reversible units.

If you are needing to compact gravel or sand- about 8-12 inches deep than a forward compactor is likely the one you need. These machines generally weight between 40 to 140kg and are simple to use in smaller areas.

Reversible plate compactors compact deeper into the soil. They can usually operate in both forward and reverse and are good for medium size projects like a driveway.