Grinding Segments

Slide On Diamond Grinding Segments

Is it time to replace the diamond grinding segments on your concrete grinding machines?

Looking for different grinding attachments to help you achieve the finish you desire?

Paragon tools stock a range of grinding segments which are also known as grinding shoes. Whilst they may look similar to the untrained eye, they are all designed for different uses, grinding machines, and applications.

The Convenience Of A Slide On Grinding Segment

Slide on diamond grinding segments are easy to change and replace, so if you are thinking you need an upgrade. A concrete grinding machine that takes slide on grinding shoes will help you get your concrete grinding back up to speed.

What Can Diamond Grinding Segments Be Used With?

The slide on diamond grinding shoes that we stock, are suitable for use with diamond concrete grinders that use slide on diamond shoes or redi-lock grinding segments, such as the Husqvarna’s redi lock diamond grinders. Yet, you’ll want to have the specifications of your concrete grinder to hand when you are investing in new diamond grinder segments or attachments.

Listed are some of our most in demand diamond grinding segments. If you don’t see the one you need, just get in touch and we will be happy to further advise you of our stock list.

Need More Information?

Looking for a particular brand, a different grit, or bond which isn’t featured in the list above? Give us a call on 0426 752 251 or drop us an email outside of office hours and we will be more than happy to facilitate your request.

We also sell Concrete Grinding Machines, check out our detailed information on what to consider when choosing the right type for you!


What are diamond grinding shoes?

Diamond grinding shoes are also known as diamond grinding segments. They are the abrasive grinding pads attached to the bottom of a floor grinder. Diamond grinding shoes are used to polish, grind and / or remove previous treatments.

What grit diamond grinding shoes do I need?

This really depends on the hardness of the surface your are preparing. A general all purpose segment is 30/40 grit. This is often used to do the initial grind. Afterwards you would use a higher grit as it has a less abrasive the segment and provides a cleaner finish.