B446 Bartell 46 inch Concrete Trowel Machine


The B446 is one of Bartell’s professional series concrete trowel machines specifically designed to get the job done faster.This will save you time and money.

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The B446 is one of Bartell’s professional series concrete trowel machines specifically designed to get the job done faster. This will save you time and money. Over the last 70 years, the gear-box and spider assembly of this trowel hasn’t changed much but its still one of most reliable concrete trowel machines on the market.

If you’re looking for a robust troweling machine for concrete, look no further. The rigid construction of this trowel machine is more than capable of putting up with the rigours of everyday use. Bartell are so confident in the longevity of the B446 trowelling machine that it comes with a a 3 year warranty. Generally concrete trowel machines for sale in the the Aussie market only give you 12 months warranty. So this is pretty darn good.

Benefits of this Bartell 46 inch Concrete Trowel Machine

Are you looking for a 5-star finish every time? The industry-leading balance ensures a perfect finish on a wide variety of surfaces. So, whether you need a glossy or matte finish, the variable settings of this power float will make sure you get your desired result.

Not only that, the Bartell B446 power trowel has provided concreters with the ultimate model in versatility.

This 46 inch walk behind trowelling machine is perfect if you’re covering areas up to 90m². Investing in such a quality concrete trowel machine will get you an improvement in your production rates.

Why the Bartell B446 is the ultimate professional concrete trowel machine for sale

Considering the nature of the job, rigidity is the first thing on most people’s minds before buying a concrete trowel machine. And as mentioned above, Bartell’s B446 trowel has been one of the most robust concrete whirlybirds on the global market for the last 70 years.

The precision machined aluminium gearbox with high tensile steel shafting for long life is one of the trowel’s best selling points. The cast iron spider arms and steel assembly uses matched tolerances between the hub and arms to make sure there is no flex. This design is effective in keeping the trowel machine blades down firmly against the surface to remove high spots fast. That’s why you can expect to get the job done faster with a Bartell trowel machine.

The precision ground spider arms are also great for tight tolerance work which is also a great reason to take notice of this concrete whirlybird.

Other Additional Features of the B446 Bartell Trowelling Machine

  • Petrol Troweling Machine with a Honda GX270 motor
  • Power output: 8.5hp / 6.3kW
  • Precision balance for easy and smooth operation
  • Chrome plating for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Throttle control
  • Centrifugal safety switch
  • Includes your first set of combination trowel blades
  • Low emissions muffler (optional)
  • Hoist hook to make it simple to lift the machine (optional)
  • Float Blade: 10” x 18” / 25cm x 46cm
  • Float Pan: 48.5” / 98cm
  • Finish Blade: 6” x 18” / 15cm x 46cm
  • Combo Blade: 8” x 18” / 20cm x 46cm
  • Weight 109kg

Bartell trowel machine parts

As Paragon has servicing agent partners for Bartell in Australia, you don’t have to worry about finding the spare parts for your concrete trowel machine. We are located right here in Australia in Canberra so it won’t be difficult for you or your mechanic get spare parts later down the track. So if you need Bartell B446 trowel machine spare parts or any other part for Bartell machinery, just give us a call on 0426752251.

Want to know more?

Bartell has partnered with Paragon Tools to sell their quality concrete trowelling machines in Australia. If you’re interested in purchasing the Bartell B466 trowelling machine please contact us on 0426752251 for pick up locations or a postage quote. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have about which trowel machine is best for you.


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