Titan 78 Ride on Trowel Machine


Titan 78 Ride on Trowel Machine is smallest in Bartell’s range. It’s easy to operate, and even easier to transport.

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The Titan 78 Ride on Trowel Machine is smallest in Bartell’s range. But if your looking for the perfect way to finish large scale wet concrete on a budget, it’s the perfect solution. With so many exciting features – even when compared to the bigger models in the range, it’s easy to see why the ride on trowel is so popular! It’s easy to operate, and even easier to transport.

When it comes to finishing concrete Bartell have proven time and time again that their models offer nothing but the best finish. If you are covering surface areas larger than 100m2 feet with a walk-behind trowel, it’s worth upgrading to a ride on trowel.

The upfront cost may be high, but you’ll soon start to see a return on your investment. When it comes to finishing concrete on site you’ll get the perfect results with higher production on site.

Features of this Bartell Ride on Trowel

The Titan 78 ride on trowel is 6” closer to the ground compared to most other models. This low profile will put the you closer to the concrete and with a 19” total height from the footwell to the seat you can expect a comfortable ride with good visibility of the blades from a seated position.

There’s plenty of bonus features such as LED lights to the front and the rear to help you see the floor while you are using the hover trowel machine and 12-volt USB charging.

There have also been some upgrades from earlier models such as the new and improved accelerator pedal to help you get to the speed required effortlessly, a heavy-duty gearbox, and variable engine settings to ensure you get the concrete finish. The sturdy hardware and uni-body frame and design will also ensure that the power trowel is built to last.

The power float is also easy to maintain, due to the removable front panel which gives you access to the engine. There is also LED lighting in the engine compartment to make maintenance easy, even in low light situations.

Specifications of the Titan 78 Ride on Trowel Machine:

  • Easy to reach safety switch to prevent accidents on site and injury to operator.
  • Seat and arm rests designed for maximum comfort.
  • Ability to choose your steering pattern steering positions.
  • Cup holder.
  • An easy to use control panel.
  • Up to 180 RPM depending on the engine. You can choose between Kohler CH730, Kohler CH740 or the Kohler ECH749 engines.
  • Single lift hook which is located under the seat for ease of access.

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