Titan 88 Ride On Power Float


Titan 88 Ride On Power Float allows you to get closer to the ground than ever. The addition of LED lights to the front and rear you’ll also have optimal visibility even in low light.

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Bartell’s range of Titan Power Floats are for tradies looking for a professional finish every time. While the models with higher power may cover a larger surface area, the precision of the Titan 88’s overlapping blades is unrivalled.

The Titan 88 ride on power float has many similar features to the Titan 78 model, but it’s the blade size and position which really sets this model apart from the rest. The lightweight power trowel is perfect for ease of use when it comes to transportation and indoor operation.

If you’re still using a walk-behind trowel or a push along trowel in day to day construction and cover more than 1000 square feet the finishing trowel is highly recommended. With minimal manual input the machine does all of the hard work for you! When you take into account the amount of time you’ll save with the Titan 88, you’ll soon see a return in the costs. With other concrete whirlybirds, you’ll find that it takes time to get the perfect finish. Yet with this model which was exclusively designed for a high-quality finish the results will speak for themselves.

As with all Bartell products, each component was designed with longevity in mind. Including a heavy-duty gearbox.

Titan 88 Ride On Power Float Features

The Titan 88 ride on trowel machine allows you to get closer to the ground than ever. Just six inches from the ground the operator will have perfect visibility to the blades from the seating position. With the addition of LED lights to the front and rear you’ll also have optimal visibility even in low light. There’s additional lighting in the engine compartment, leaving no use for a torch when doing engine maintenance.

The seat was also made with optimal comfort in mind. With an improved ergonomic design, using the Titan 88 trowel machine will be comfortable the operator for hours. There’s also plenty of leg room thanks to the 19” height between the seat and the foot well. To ensure maximum comfort, the operator can choose from the interchangeable steering positions. The safety switch will be in reach from any position. The handy drinks holder is also a great feature for anyone who would like to stay refreshed whilst operating the concrete power float machine.

Operating the Bartell trowel machine is easier than ever thanks to the new and improved accelerator. Allowing the operator to enjoy a smooth driving experience. The control panel has also been left simple.

Engine capacity can reach up to 180 RPM depending on which engine you have chosen. The range currently features the Kohler CH730, Kholer CH740 and the Kohler ECH749.

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