Can You Cut Brick With A Dremel?

Knowing the right tool for the job is the first step in getting something done. When it comes to cutting brick, it can be difficult to get it right, so how well does a Dremel do for cutting brick?

A Dremel tool is one of the easiest ways to cut a brick. A circular saw of this kind when used with a diamond wheel is designed to cut through tough material such as brick extremely well. The diamond wheel can cut through most harder materials with ease which is why it is key when using a Dremel tool to cut bricks.

Without a doubt, a Dremel is a great choice for cutting brick. So, why exactly is this? Read on to find out.

Why is a Dremel best for cutting brick?

The important thing to stress first of all is that a Dremel is only as good for cutting brick as the bit or wheel that’s attached to it. You need to have the right bit to effectively cut through brick.

That said, the main reason Dremel tools are good for cutting brick is the diamond wheels they offer. Diamond, as you might know, is one of the hardest materials we know of. That means that it can cut through basically anything if we put it to correct use.

Brick is not only tough but porous, so cutting it precisely without it cracking can be a challenge. This, again, is where the Dremel comes in. As I mentioned, the best kind of tool to cut brick is a circular saw. The Dremel is the best option, but you can also use things like angle grinders.

A small, but tough circular saw can pass through the brick without completely cracking it, which is the hardest part of cutting brick. Keeping cuts through brick clean is very tricky for many people. But the small circular saw made of the toughest materials like a Dynamo Bricksaw Diamond Blade increases the quality of your cuts.

Is a Dremel the best tool for cutting brick?

Is a rotary saw better than a dremel for cutting brick?There are many advantages to cutting a brick with a Dremel. For one thing, it has a cutting blade as opposed to a grinding wheel. A cutting wheel will allow you to cut both brick and mortar with clean lines, but you can produce lots of debris. It will definitely do the job. You will need to be a bit more precise with your cutting though.

A diamond rotary saw is considered the best tool for cutting brick. The strength gives you the ability to cut through it cleanly with less debris. But this does change depending on if you are cutting through a brick wall or cutting loose bricks. When it comes to cutting loose bricks, a circular saw is the best tool.

There are advantages to using an angle grinder too, though. An angle grinder with a masonry wheel will, again, cut through both brick and mortar and allow for tighter angles. This is a lot more important if you’re cutting through a brick wall, rather than cutting up a loose brick.

So, while it can depend a little bit on the nature of the exact job, as a rule of thumb, a diamond blade Dremel or rotary saw is the best tool for cutting brick.

Is there a technique to cutting brick with a Dremel?

There isn’t a great deal of technique to cutting brick with a Dremel. Safety is first and the main focus. One thing about using these rotary saws is that they are likely to produce a lot of debris. So, PPE is important when cutting brick. Make sure you grab goggles and a mask. Gloves are also a good idea to wear when cutting any materials.

Beyond that, just be careful to make clean, clear cuts, and do it very slowly. The faster you go, the more likely you are to crack or break the brick. Take it slow, and make sure you have a firm grip on the Dremel. It’s also a good idea to mark where you want to cut, so you have a clear view of where you need to cut. You can use engineers chalk pencil to mark bricks for cutting.

If you’ve never cut bricks with any power tool before, it might take one or two tries to get it right. But with a bit of practice, you will be fine cutting bricks.

As long as you stick to slow and steady, you’ll get the hang of cutting brick with a Dremel in no time.

Can you carve brick with a Dremel?

Should I cut brick with a Dremel?Dremel will cut through brick well, and it can also actually carve brick too! This can be useful to precisely fit brick around a corner or for engraving special designs in the brick. It adds a bit extra to the exterior appearance and personalises houses. It’s handy that not only can you cut brick, but also carve brick with a Dremel! It means one less tool that you need to invest in considering this one has multiple functions.

You will need a level of precision in your hands to carve brick. As always, safety when carving with a Dremel is the most important part. But it could definitely be a fun experiment!

What can a Dremel cut through?

It’s probably worth clarifying exactly what we mean by the term ‘Dremel.’ Dremel is a brand name but has become a generic term for rotary and circular saws. What a Dremel can cut through will depend on what bit you have attached to the end.

We’ve been talking about the diamond wheels so far, which is certainly best for cutting hard materials like brick, concrete and even marble. As we said, diamond is one of the hardest materials we know of, so as you can expect, there isn’t much it can’t cut through.

A Dremel can also cut through all kinds of metal, from aluminium to steel.

It can cut hardwood and softwood, drywall, vinyl, laminate, plastics, fibreglass—pretty much anything you can think of! Nothing is too tough for diamonds.

For extra help though, we have compiled a list of the best diamond blades for your project. We also have a guide to help install perfect brick tiles. There is lots more top renovation advice on our Paragon Tools resources page, so be sure to check it out! For quality bricklaying, grinding and cutting tools, check out our shop, or contact us with any questions!

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