engineers chalk pencil
Engineers Chalk Pencil / French Chalk – 100 piece box


Engineers Chalk Pencil / French Chalk – 100 piece box


If you need a chalk with a high resistance to heat for cutting, doesn’t crumble easily and makes fine markings, engineers French pencil chalk is for you.

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Engineers French chalk goes by many names, soapstone chalk, pencil chalk, welders chalk and marking chalk. But the use of the chalk is the same. For decades, engineers chalk has been used by general construction workers, bricklayers, engineers and welders as the favoured chalk of tradesmen.

If you’re wondering why normal chalk isn’t up to the job, there are many reasons why Engineers French Chalk is preferred time and time again by bricklayers and engineers.

With French chalk, you are able to make your mark, however unlike with most other chalks it’s dust free. And like with all good materials which will be used on a construction site, it’s hardwearing – meaning that it doesn’t snap or crumble as easily as other chalks which are not designed for an engineer’s purpose.

Other practical features of the welder’s chalk include heat resistance. So, even under high pressure or heat, the chalk will remain visible. This makes the engineer’s chalk practical for use when it comes to marking up materials which are to be welded. Not only is the engineers chalk heat resistant, it’s also water resistant.

Although the chalk may be water resistant, it is still easily removed by rubbing with a cloth and some water. But its water resistance comes in handy if you are working outdoors and exposed to the elements.

For a precise finish, you’ll need to make precise lines and marks on the materials which need to be cut. This is why the engineers chalk has been designed to leave sharp lines on a wide variety of materials.

What Is French Chalk Made of?

French chalk is comprised of natural soapstone alone. Which means that there are no harsh chemicals that may pose a safety risk. Instead the French chalk is made from a natural soft rock, which has been used for thousands of years. Not only by engineers, builders and welders, but also by seamstresses and other craftspeople originating in France. But pencil chalk has always been an important tool in construction, no matter where you need to make your mark. With an easy application on everything from slate, to metal, to concrete and brick – the diversity of the engineer’s chalk makes it an essential bricklayer’s, engineer’s, and welder’s toolbox.

Specifications of the Paragon Soapstone Chalk Pencil

– 100 pieces per box

– Chalk Size: 75mm x 10mm x 5mm.

– Industrial quality

– Precision marking

– Heat resistant

– Easily removed

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