Petrol Cement Mixer 3.5cf – Heavy Duty

Petrol Cement Mixer are essential pieces of kit for any professional contractor working with concrete or mortar on a daily or regular basis.

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Petrol concrete mixers are essential pieces of kit for any professional contractor working with concrete or mortar on a daily or regular basis. All too often contractors wait far longer than they should before investing in a petrol cement mixer which will help them save time and increase productivity on site.

About Paragon’s heavy duty petrol Cement Mixer

If you’re regularly lay bricks, making slabs, concrete foundations, building fences, or working with cement or mortar in any other capacity, it pays to invest in a concrete mixer which has been built to withstand daily heavy amounts of concrete.

Strength of the Paragon Petrol Concrete Mixer

Paragon’s heavy-duty 3.5cf cement mixer has been innovatively engineered to make sure, that even when working with the densest of materials, you have a product that is built to last. Durability was the key in creating this heavy duty mixer.

But don’t worry, this concrete mixer has the added benefit of being lightweight and portable. At just 106kg, transporting and operating this petrol cement mixer is a one-man job.

The easy to use concrete mixer is made up of a petrol-powered Honda GX120 motor, a rotating tank with reinforced wings, a crank wheel to help you operate and empty the mixer and a sturdy reinforced axis for professional use. Yet, there are plenty more added benefits of this cement mixer for sale.

Features of this heavy duty Cement Mixer

When it comes to cleaning up after a job, the last thing you want is to have to take care of spillages from your concrete mixer. This is why Paragon designed their concrete mixer with a leak-free seam-welded bowl. Even cleaning the cement mixer is easy. This is due to the re-enforced welds on the fins which help to mix your concrete. These welds offer maximum durability when it comes to cleaning and mixing.

Even if you’re going off the beaten track, getting your concrete mixer there won’t be an issue. Not every cement mixer is designed with portability in mind. Yet, the 14″ flat-free puncture proof tyres will ensure that even on the roughest of terrains you won’t run into any problems with flat tyres.

You can rest assured that each element of the heavy-duty cement mixer was built as sturdy as the tyres. The heavy-duty L-shaped frame which is adjustable to different axle widths has been designed to stand the test of time – even with daily rigorous use.

To protect the motor, there’s a steel motor cover in place which will provide protection during use and transportation. Even the motor tray has been reinforced to ensure there is minimal risk of damage to the motor. Time after time, petrol cement mixers have proven to be more convenient than an electric cement mixer.

Specifications of the Paragon Cement Mixer

  • Weight: 106kg
  • Leak-free seam-welded bowl.
  • 14″ Flat Free Puncture Proof Tyres
  • Adjustable Axle Widths
  • Heavy Duty L Frame
  • Steel Motor Cover
  • Re-enforced welds on the fins for durability while cleaning
  • Re-enforced Motor Tray
  • Mixed Wet: 100L (3.5 CU/FT)

Need More Information on this Cement Mixer for Sale?

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Looking for other options?

If you are looking for an electric cement mixer for sale, don’t worry. This Paragon mixer comes in three options:

  • Ducar DH212 6.5 HP Petrol Engine: $2399
  • Paragon Electric Motor: $1699

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  1. Gavin Kirven

    Great Cement Mixer, really strong, good for brickies

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