K970 Power Cutter by Husqvarna – 16″

Husqvarna’s K970 Demo Saw is sturdy and reliable, light and powerful, ready to perform whenever you need it. With its 4.8kw output, it’s more than capable of handling any in-situ cutting requirements you have.

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Husqvarna K970 Quick Cut Saw – 16″

Product Number: 967 34 81-01

An unparalleled Demosaw, the K970 has admirable all-round performance in even the toughest conditions, whether operated by hand or on a trolley for extended cutting of slabs and roadways. Sporting a 16 inch (400mm) blade, it can make cuts up to 155mm deep through just about anything, from steel to concrete, rebar to bricks and anything else a job site could throw at it.

We have many different blades on offer to suit the whole range of applications you may find for this saw, so get in contact with us on 0426 752 251, or email us at [email protected], to discuss prices, availability, options and further information for this machine.

More information can be found on Husqvarna’s Website.

This product is otherwise know by names such as Powercutters, Demo Saws, Demolition Saws, Quick Cuts, Cutoff Saw, Chop Saw, Abrasive Saw or MK3.

Price Available On Asking (Blade not included).


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