Husqvarna Power Equipment

Husqvarna Construction Equipment – Second To None!

Husqvarna is a world leader in the production of Tools and Equipment for the Construction industry.

Here at Paragon Tools, we are proud to be an Authorised Reseller of a wide range of Husqvarna Power Equipment products for all facets of the construction industry.

Whether you need to cut, grind, polish or drill, Husqvarna’s range has something to suit your needs, and their tireless research and development team is committed to producing powerful, reliable and user-focused tools to maintain the reputation for cutting-edge technology & competitive excellence that has been the staple of the Husqvarna brand for over 300 years.

Construction and Demolition, Husqvarna has you covered.

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a concrete slab, tearing down walls, sawing asphalt or doing any other job that requires a reliable and easy-to-operate piece of equipment, Husqvarna is there for you. With an extensive range that includes Demo Saws, Core Drills, Concrete Grinders, Trowel Machines, Plate Compactor and more, we can offer a Husqvarna Australia Construction Product to suit your needs.

Husqvarna’s range is constantly being revised and improved on, both through their own testing and with customer feedback, ensuring they stay at the cutting edge of current technology to help you overcome any challenges you find on the jobsite. They’re committed to producing tools that keep going through thick and thin, that will do the hard work for you and that meet your requirements for price and power in a single package.


Get in contact with us today, to discuss how our range of Husqvarna Products can meet your needs.