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Dynamo Bricksaw Diamond Blade



Dynamo Bricksaw Diamond Blade


Dynamo Bricksaw Diamond Blade is handy to have a multipurpose blade, by choosing a bricksaw blade, you’ll cut down on cost per metre of material.

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Premium Dynamo Bricksaw Diamond Blade

If your bricksaw blade gets regularly put through its paces, a specialised brick saw blade with the right RPM for your bricksaw is a smart investment. Although it’s handy to have a multipurpose blade, by choosing a bricksaw blade, you’ll cut down on cost per metre of material.

If your blades aren’t cutting as well as they used to, you won’t get the quality finish you’re looking for on site. With the variety diamond blades on the market, it can be confusing to know which blades to consider. Remember, one size doesn’t fit all, and you’ll need the specifications of your block and brick cutter before buying new blades.

How to Make Sure You Buy the Right Diamond Blades

RPM – Make sure the maximum RPM (rotations per minute) matches the RPM of your saw. Matching the RPM is not only important for ensuring that your diamond blades last as long as they should.

Size – The size of your new blades is important to ensure that you invest in diamond cutting blades which suit your bricksaw.

Material Compatibility – To make choosing your brick cutting blades easier, the type of material generally cut has been placed into four different categories.

  • Hard
  • Medium – Hard
  • Medium – Soft
  • Soft

Opting for blades which are best suited for harder materials isn’t always the best option, especially if you’re regularly cutting softer materials. Always consider which materials you will be cutting most regularly with your blades.

Premium Dynamo Bricksaw Diamond MPSS Blades

Whether you’re using a petrol or electric bricksaw, tradies have consistently rated the Premium Dynamo Bricksaw Diamond blades highly.

The trusty 14 inch bricksaw blade has been optimised and designed for a long service life, if paired with the correct tools, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

For those who like to get the job done quietly, the Dynamo bricksaw blades are perfect with the semi-silent properties of the blade. Working with blades such as the Premium Dynamo will be of benefit if you’re worried about hearing damage on site.

The Premium Dynamo MPSS blades are segmented which is useful for cutting wet and dry concrete. The segmented blades will push slurry and dust away from the cut. This makes for a cleaner cut every time, and also prevents the blade from overheating during use. If your blades regularly overheat, this will quickly reduce the service life of your blades.But remember while you can cut dry, it’s always best to use these wet as diamond wet saw blades.

With a maximum RPM of 4350, these diamond blades are suited to the lower RPMs of bricksaws.

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