Can You Tell Someone Is Attractive With A Facemask On?

You can’t completely define someone’s attractiveness based on their face alone. There are lots of aspects that contribute to this, including their personality. But initially, we seek attraction through appearance. So, can you tell if someone is attractive with a facemask on?

Telling if someone with a facemask on is attractive can be done by examining their behaviour and talking to them. Positive, open posture indicates an attractive person who listens and cares. By conversing with them you learn about their personality and their eyes will teach you about their emotions.

All of the above aspects contribute to whether you find someone attractive or not. Don’t worry, we’re going to look more into this. Read on!

How do I know if someone with a facemask on is attractive?

It is hard to tell someone’s physical beauty when their features are hidden behind a facemask, but the biggest tell is their eyes. Our eyes are one of our most attractive features and are the main focus of our face when we wear a mask. Good people are often said to have ‘kind eyes’ because their kindness and care is shown through their eyes. The best part of seeing someone with a facemask on is that you can intently examine their eyes to figure out their attractiveness. But this doesn’t just refer to their eye shape or colour. Their reactions, feelings and emotions will all come through in their gaze. The way they feel can influence whether you find them attractive or not.

You can also tell that you might be attracted to someone with a facemask on if their stature is appealing to you. It might be their height, the way they hold themselves, their figure, or their body language that attracts you. All of this is examined without any concern for a facemask. Often, someone who is considered attractive will have more gentle movements. They will face whoever is talking to them. Their body language will display that they are actually interested in what someone has to say. It is their behaviour that can create your attraction to them, and this behaviour reflects who they are.

At the end of the day, what really makes someone attractive is their personality. The best way to know if someone wearing a facemask is attractive is to talk to them. You learn most things about someone by talking and their personality will shine through their mask.

Does wearing a mask make you more attractive?

Over the past two years, with the influence of the pandemic, studies have found that wearing a mask can make you more attractive. This doesn’t have to do with covering imperfections. It’s actually tied to the appeal of health. Wearing facemasks used to be associated with disease, which would make the wearer appear less attractive. But this has changed throughout the pandemic. Masks are now associated with trying to maintain your health and protect your surrounding environment. Our psychology involved with choosing life partners assesses the health of another. So, cues like wearing facemasks, which are no longer associated with the thought that the wearer has a disease, are more attractive to to tell someone with a facemask on is attractive

A study of 500 people looked at 60 faces and ranked them on attractiveness. The study included faces both with and without masks and participants were asked to rank them on a scale. Researchers found that when people were masked, their attractiveness increased by 42%. Those who wore a blue surgical mask ranked the highest. Those with masks such as KN96 facemasks were the second highest in the rankings.

When it comes to appearance, the other thing that makes you more attractive with a mask on is the focus on your eyes. Studies across the years have found that our eyes are central to human attraction. This is because we communicate a lot with our eyes in terms of feelings and interests. The appeal of the eyes is that they allow someone to learn about you before they really get to know you.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that someone ‘has kind eyes,’ or that their eyes were ‘full of passion’. People can make these judgements without even talking to you. By covering your other major facial features, facemasks bring a lot of focus to your eyes. Highlighting them boosts your appeal and attractiveness.

Why do I look better with a facemask on?

While you can have a bigger appeal to others with a facemask on, you don’t look better by hiding beneath it. One of the main reasons you could feel like you look better with a facemask on is because it is highlighting your eyes. As I mentioned, our eyes are central to human attraction. With a facemask on, you focus on your eyes when looking at your reflection. The eyes are the feature that majority of people claim to be their favourite. This is why it would be no surprise for you to feel more attractive with a facemask on.

The other reason why you feel you look better with a facemask on is because the mask can cover your imperfections. You might have some acne or redness on your face, maybe you’re insecure about your smile or nose. These are all common insecurities that are relieved by hiding under a facemask. Knowing that you are able to hide your physical flaws makes you feel more attractive with a facemask on.Why do I look better with a face mask on?

When you feel good, you do become more attractive because you have more confidence. Confidence and happiness are two very attractive qualities that appeal to most people. So, when you cover up your face and feel like you are more appealing, you do become more appealing. This is compared to if you didn’t wear a mask and felt quite insecure.

The change in your confidence will gain more attention which can reinforce your thinking that you look better with a facemask on. But what really happens is that people are drawn to you as a person.

Does wearing a mask make you more confident?

Wearing a facemask can make you feel more confident in your appearance. As we’ve just been discussing, the ability to hide your flaws with a mask boost your confidence. You aren’t as concerned about what people can see. By not worrying so much about your appearance, you allow yourself to feel happier.

Wearing a mask can also make it easier to hide your true emotions and feelings. While the eyes can help with an initial judgement of someone, without the rest of your features, it can be hard to identify someone’s feelings. Knowing this can make you feel more confident with your mask on. You might find the courage to express yourself more freely because you feel more protected with a mask on. If you have an interview, you might feel more confident when you get to wear a mask because it is easier to hide your nerves. This applies to all different situations.

The other reason masks can make you feel more confident is because they protect your health. Confidence can apply to many things, like feeling confident in yourself or confident in an environment. Facemasks protect you from illnesses and viruses, even in places with higher risks of exposure. Wearing a facemask will make you more confident in these environments because you know you are protected.

How to look good with a mask and glasses

The key to looking good with a facemask and glasses is to find a pair that doesn’t fill your face or hide your eyes. It’s all about having glasses that complement your features.

To find a great pair of glasses, you could consider getting a pair with a stylish shape like aviator, round, cat-eye or square. You also have a variety of frames with styles like chunky, oversize, thin, or rimless. If you’re wearing a mask, getting a pair of glasses that don’t have chunky frames is a better idea. The chunky frames will cover a lot of your face and can end up hiding your eyes. This can change the focus point to your forehead or glasses frames. As we said, your eyes are your most appealing quality, especially when wearing a mask, so you want to highlight them.

key to looking good wearing glasses and a face maskThe shape of your glasses should suit your face. For example, if you have a rounder face, glasses with more of a rectangular frame are often better. If your face is a bit squarer, round or oval glasses should do the trick. A facemask won’t change the shape of your face, so picking a pair of glasses to suit you will help you look good when wearing a facemask.

Once you have your glasses, you can match your mask to them! You shouldn’t wear a mask the exact same colour as your glasses. Instead, you could find a cloth mask that is a complementing colour to the frames of your glasses. Adding a bit of colour adds to your appearance. Also, wearing a mask that is tighter against your face will help. This way, the mask doesn’t stick out too much and your glasses will match both the shape of your face and the mask!

At the end of the day, if you feel good, you will look good. So, find glasses and facemasks that you are comfortable wearing. When you’re comfortable, you are happier and your eyes will shine, even if your features are hidden by a facemask. And, when you’re happy, you always look great!

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