Can You Stain Brick A Different Colour?

Personalising our homes is something so many of us dream of. We like making our houses look nice inside and out, using different materials to do so. Brick can be harder to change, but can you stain brick a different colour?

Brick houses can be stained a different colour while still maintaining the natural look of the brick. Staining is a long-lasting solution to changing the colour of your brick house. All that is needed is to clean the brick and apply the stain. It lasts longer than brick paint and is easier to apply!

We’re going to go through what you need to know about staining brick houses a different colour.

Is it hard to stain brick a different colour?

It’s not hard to stain brick a different colour. But it can be a big job depending on how much of an area you want to cover. It will take some time to completely stain a brick house, but it is a lot easier than other covering methods like paint.

You can start by testing the stain somewhere that won’t be seen or isn’t as obvious on the house. Somewhere in a corner or very low to the ground is good. You could also test the brick staining on a loose brick that you have laying around. This way you get to see what the brick will look like with the stain and decide if you’re happy with it.

You’ll then need to test the brick for sealant by throwing water on it. If the water absorbs, you’ll need to power wash the brick to remove the sealant. Otherwise, the stain will be absorbed and not penetrate the brick surface, which means it won’t work properly.

Once you’ve checked for sealant, clean the brick as best you can, working from the top down. Use mild detergent or TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) with warm water. Scrub the bricks with a brick brush to give them a good clean. This is better for the stain to soak into the brick without being affected by the wear of the bricks. To protect yourself from the dust and dirt that will come off of the bricks, you should wear a P2 disposable respiratory mask.

Then just follow the instructions for mixing the stain and begin applying it. That’s all there is to it!

Is staining brick a good idea?

Is it hard to stain brick a different colour?Staining brick is a good idea if you want to alter the appearance of your brick house, but not in a drastic manner. When compared to painting, staining lasts much longer, soaks in better and doesn’t cake the brick pores, stopping air from getting through them. Staining brick is also a good idea if you’re extending your brick home or wanting to add more brick somewhere. Once you learn to lay bricks, you can use the stain to match the bricks as one fresh colour. This staining should outlast brick paint.

After only a few years, paint on a brick wall will begin to chip and break. It starts to come away quickly after it cracks. Paint can also clog the porous bricks and cause problems with moisture. There are special paints that are meant to prevent this from happening, but none last as long as brick staining.

The only major limitation with staining brick is the colour choice. Paints come in every pigment you can imagine which gives you a huge range of colour choices for your house. Brick staining doesn’t offer the same luxury because it is designed to preserve the classic brick house appearance. So, the colour choices will be closer to or highlight traditional brick looks. It can still be a very beautiful finish that looks more natural, which makes staining brick a good idea. Not to mention how long stained brick lasts.

How long does stained brick last?

A well-applied stain to brick can keep your brick house looking fresh for 20 years. The process of applying stain to bricks seems simple enough, but to maintain a good look, the brick will still need some care. This includes letting the stain soak in properly before bad weather comes.

Some newer brick-staining workers have claimed that the stain on bricks can last as long as the brick itself. If this is the case, you should be able to stain brick well once and then not have to do it again in your lifetime. The downside is that staining doesn’t offer much protection for the bricks. This is why people look at rendering their house to change the look and get more protection for their bricks. But this might not be what you’re looking for.

It’s highly likely that stained brick will last longer than 20 years, but if it doesn’t, you should get a good decade out of it!

Is staining brick a different colour expensive?

The average brick home can cost between $1500 and $4000 to stain including supplies, materials and labour. It will cost you less if you decide to stain your brick house yourself. Brick staining costs around $3.90 per square metre. The cost will vary a lot depending on the size of your home. It can cost more than a paint job but staining a brick house will last longer.

You could consider investing in staining your brick house twice, giving it an extra layer to last even longer. Whether you invest in the double or single layer of brick staining, you will still save money in the long run. This is because you won’t have to pay to get it touched up or fixed for a long time. Whereas painted brick can need a lot of maintenance and touch-ups sooner.Does brick stain protect the bricks?

Does brick stain protect the bricks?

Brick stain doesn’t typically have protective qualities and is more of a decorative piece. It is a long-lasting and cost-effective way to revamp your home exterior. There are some stains that are meant to have some form of brick protection. But brick paint is more protective for brick than stain.

The downside to the paint, though, is how it chips and cracks after a few years. This discourages people from investing in brick paint. Even though it might be more protective than a stain, it doesn’t have the same lifespan.

But while staining, unfortunately, doesn’t protect the brick much, it has a lot of advantages over painting brick! It’s more cost-effective, lasts longer and provides a beautiful, natural finish to your bricks.

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