What mask is best for glasses

If you’re like me and need to wear glasses all the time, chances are you know that it might cause some issues. From the glasses falling off your face to fogging up, it can be a pain to wear a mask. But don’t worry, I have done some testing and worked out what mask is best for glasses.

The KN95 masks from Bi Wei Kang or Vidar are the best mask for glasses. They are the best as they both hold your glasses onto your face as well as prevent your glasses from fogging up.

Read on to see how these can be used for optimum performance.

What face mask work best with glasses?

Us glasses wearers are learning that it can be a struggle to wear a facemask with glasses. It can be so annoying for some people, that they are willing to risk their health due to the inconvenience it can cause. Either by ditching the mask altogether or wearing it over their mouth but not over their nose. But wearing a mask over your nose is just as important as wearing it over your mouth. You breathe through your nose, after all, so you can both spread and catch viruses through your nose.

But the inconvenience is real. You don’t know how limiting a mask can be unless you wear glasses. Every time you glance down, your glasses slide off your face. Or just by breathing, it’s like looking through a fogging windscreen where you can’t see directly in front of you.

So it makes sense, that the best mask for people who wear glasses is one that not only prevents your glasses from slipping off your face but one that does not fog your glasses up.

Being a tool shop owner that sells personal protective equipment, as well as a 24/7 glasses wearer. It soon became obvious, that I had to test out some of my masks to work out what mask is best for glasses. Not only does this make my day wearing a mask a lot easier, but it also helps me to guide you in making the best mask choice so you can get the protection you need without all the inconvenience.

What masks did I test with glasses?

I tested cloth, surgical and P2 / N95, and our Vidar and Bi Wei Kang KN95 masks. And these were the results from best to worst:

  1. Vidar and Bi wei kang KN95.
  2. Cloth masks with filter
  3. Surgical Masks and Public Protective Masks
  4. P2 / N95 masks

Test 1: Which masks hold the glasses on my face the best

Only masks with earloop straps, if worn the right way, hold a mask onto your face (see instructions on how to wear them below). So our KN95, cloth, and surgical masks were the most successful.

The Vidar and Bi Wei Kang KN95 came out in front of the others because the elastic is a lot tighter than the straps on other masks. I could do air guitar and my glasses were not going anywhere.

The P2 and N95 masks failed to stop my glasses from falling off at all as they have headband straps. The headband straps can’t be used to secure your glasses to your head.

Test 2. Which mask can stop glasses fogging the best

The best masks for preventing glasses fog were the KN95, P2, and N95 masks as well as the cloth masks with filter.

The KN95, P2, and N95 masks, when fitted correctly, create a secure seal. So all your breath is forced out through the filter. If you don’t fit test your mask it can still cause fogging as an improper seal will let the exhaled breath go up toward your glasses. But when worn correctly this mask, forces your breath through the mask filter and not toward your glasses.

The cloth masks are the most porous mask so they also did not create much fogging. But this is at the expense of superior protection. Our cloth masks that can be worn with our without a filter are a great option for shopping. They are what authorities recommend for the general public, but they do not provide the same amount of protection as the respirators and some industries require the higher protection that they provide.

The surgical masks create a bit of fogging which can be reduced if worn correctly, but fogging all the same.

Based on the respirators preventing fogging while also providing the most protection, these were the clear winners for me.

The results: What Mask is Best for Glasses?

First place: The Vidar and Bi Wei Kang KN95 masks were the best masks for glasses in my experiment. They both could be used to hold my glasses firmly onto my face, as well as preventing fogging which provided me with the best respiratory protection.

kn95 masks australia

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Second place: The runners up were our cloth masks for sale that can be worn with or without a filter. While they might not be for use in some industries, they do provide the protection that the general public requires. And if you’re wondering where to buy kids masks, Our masks also come in kids sizes and cute designs.

cloth masks with filter

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Third place: The surgical masks and daily protective masks could be used to hold the glasses on with their earloop straps, but were not great at not fogging due to their loose fit. But they do have good filters and are not as porous as cloth masks. Need a surgical mask for your industry, view our medical masks here. We also have the daily protective masks that come in adult and kids sizes.

medical protective mask

Fourth place: While the N95 and P2 masks provide awesome protection like the KN95, they have headband straps that just are not able to be used to secure your glasses onto your face. So unless you have tight-fitting glasses, they can be a nightmare for glasses wearers.

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They are great masks though, and we also deliver N95 masks Australia wide.

Read below on how to wear a mask with glasses…

How do you wear a mask with glasses?

Ok, so know you know the best type of mask to wear with glasses you are probably wondering what is this magical way of wearing a mask with glasses to get the full benefit.

The key to getting the earloop straps to hold your glasses onto your face is by flicking the strap over the arm of your glasses.

what face mask works best with glasses

I have actually written a whole article explaining how to stop your glasses from sliding down your nose. It goes into great detail and has heaps of pictures to guide you. Click the link above to go to that great article.

I hope I have made it easier for you to determine which mask is best for glasses. Happy mask-wearing, and stay safe.

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