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Face masks for sale in Australia 

Wearing face masks Australia wide is becoming standard practice across all parts of the country. But now it is confusing as you don’t know which mask to buy. There are so many different grades of masks, different countries certifications, some are called respirators some are called masks.

We have a range of face masks and deliver medical, P2, FFP2, Kn95 and N95 masks Australia wide. We have all types of face masks for sale and in stock. Yes, that’s right, whether you want a surgical mask, a N95 mask or a P2 mask, we have stock and can deliver to your door.

There are a range face masks for sale in Australia and we aim to clarify what they are.

N95 Masks Australia

When the Australian Standard is a P2 Dust Mask, why are we seeing KN95 face masks and N95 masks for sale Australia?

It can be confusing as on international news they speak about N95, Niosh Masks, OSHA or FDA masks. This refers to the USA standard certifying this type of face mask. A KN95 is the Chinese Standard for particulate respirators- and many manufacturers are in China.

The reason why you are seeing recommendations for KN95, FFP2 and N95 masks Australia wide is because there is an issue with supply of P2 Respirators / P2 face masks. Here are some reasons why:

  • Many Australian certified P2 masks for sale were used up in the bushfires in Victoria and NSW in January.
  • People with family in China bought and sent PPE to their loved ones after the bushfire to help them in times of shortage.
  • Most face mask suppliers in China largely focus their manufacturing on their own local standards (a KN95 Mask)
  • Factories in China know that if they get their PPE certified to UK or USA standards, there is a large pool of people to sell these respirators to.
  • Australia is a drop in the ocean on global manufacturing terms. We are finding it difficult to get factories to make AS/NZ standard as we just are not a large player in the market. It’s basic economics.

This is why you are seeing global standards other than P2 mask for sale Australia on the market here. In times like this, as long as there are particulate respirators for sale available, we just need to educate ourselves about the certification standards around the globe.

Wondering where to buy N95 masks in Australia?

Did you know that we can deliver face masks Australia wide? If you have been wondering where to buy N95 masks, we have N95 masks for sale dispatching from Canberra.

We have trusted brands of N95 P2 masks in stock. We dispatch directly from Canberra, and deliver N95 face masks to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane as well as delivering our N95 masks Australia wide

Buy N95 Mask vs a P2 Face Mask Australia

P2 N95 Mask for sale online

There are a lot of similarities between a N95 mask for sale, a P2 mask for sale and other global equivalent respirator standards. People often use the names interchangeably.  The main difference is which country’s standards are used in assessing samples of the manufacturer’s products.

The N95 is the NiOSH (USA testing requirements) and the P2 represents the Australian testing requirements.

N95 face masks are examples of personal protective equipment, or protective facemasks that help protect you from airborne particles.

The ‘N95’ designation means that during testing of samples, the respirator blocks at least 95 percent of microscopic particles.  In Australia, P2 masks for sale block at least 94 percent of microscopic particles. This provides very little difference in respiratory protection to wearer.

Global Standards of N95 Masks for Sale

There are many other global standards that are used to test the effectiveness of N95 masks for sale. Authorities may reference “N95, FFP2, or equivalent” respirator standards. This means that a P2 face mask is a similar global standard to N95 face masks.

That indicates that you may wish to look to other global standards than our local P2 face mask standard when choosing a N95 face mask when supply of your own countries standard is low.

  • Here in Australia our standard is for P2 Respirators. A certified P2 mask for sale in Australia meets the Australian and NZ Standard: AS/NZS 1716:2012. So the P2 is equivalent to N95.
  • In the UK you have a FFP2 mask certified under European EN 149-2001
  • Whereas in China the equivalent certified masks are KN95 masks under GB2626-2006
  • In Japan they are DSMasks / DS Respirators certified under JMHLW-Notification 214, 2018.
  • And In Korea they are certified as 1st class under KMOEL – 2017-64.

Here’s a handy fact sheet by 3M showing how similarly these particulate respirators are by the testing that certifies them.

Disposable Construction N95 Masks Australia

Most N95 mask Australia wide are for use in construction, mining and other industrial type jobs that expose workers to dust and small particles.

If properly fitted, the filtration capabilities of P2 face masks exceed those of face masks.

Generally N95 masks and equivalent certified standard respirators are disposable. If your face mask is reusable check the certification of your product to ensure it complies. While a reusable facemask may offer some protection, many are not compliant with the high standards of disposable respirators.

Why would I need a P2 Dust Mask / N95 Respirator?

If you are doing any cutting, grinding, welding, or even activities around the home like using a garden blower it is important to protect yourself from microscopic airborne particulates with a N95 mask in Australia.

Once breathed in these particles can cause havoc on your respiratory system, and potentially can cause long term health issues.

P2 dust masks are also use for air pollution smog, protecting you when air quality is particularly bad.

This high standard of facial respirators are considered the best facial protection for most aspects of the construction industry.

Availability of a N95 Mask Australia Wide

If you are wondering where to buy N95 mask near me you don’t have to worry, you can buy masks online through Paragon Tools. We have been working hard to ensure we can continue to deliver N95 masks Australia wide. We also have face coverings complying to other global standards, and now stock medical masks as well.

P2 / KN95 / N95 Respirator Bulk Buys

Are you wondering where to buy N95 Mask, P2 Masks and other respirators in bulk? If you wish to do a N95 mask bulk order for your business or organisation, or if you are a reseller looking to buy N95 masks in wholesale quantities- just contact us for a customised quote.

The benefit in buying P2 N95 Masks in bulk is that we can do a better price for you per respirator. So if you are looking to bulk buy N95 masks, then give us a call.

Bulk Masks Australia

Bulk buys can be anything from 100 to wholesale volumes of 10,000 facemasks. The price per particulate respirator will be relative to the size of the order.

The best option for bulk are our Bi wei kang brand as we have plenty in Australia ready to go. But we also have options for doing bulk on N95 and P2 depending on the quantity.

What are P2 Masks?

P2 masks for sale from both construction and medical suppliers are a different type of face mask that you would see in your standard doctor or dental surgery. A P2 dust mask is made from high density non woven fabric. When worn correctly, they create a tight seal on your face reducing particles from being breathed in- they are known as a particulate respirator.

What is the difference between a Construction N95 Mask and a Surgical N95 Mask in Australia?

Construction N95 Mask Australia:

These are different to surgical N95 Masks in that they are not designed to deal with high velocity splashes, sprays, or splatters of blood or body fluids. A construction N95 face mask has still gone through a rigorous testing process and are extremely high performing face masks. P2 dust masks Australia offer a secure fit and a filtration efficiency of at least 95% against non-oily particles when tested.

Surgical N95 Masks in Australia:

A Surgical N95 mask has an extra layer of testing and certification to ensure they provide fluid protection. These come in both sterile and non-sterile options. These are non-valved masks.

Are N95 masks medical grade?

Not all N95 masks in Australia are medical masks. In fact, most N95 masks are made for construction, mining and industry. N95 masks and medical N95 masks are similar as they block out ≥ 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles.

In Australia, medical N95 masks for sale must be registered with the TGA and will have an ARTG number. Some higher grade medical N95 respirators such as Surgical N95 masks, have also been tested for resistance against high velocity splatters of blood and bodily fluids.

Note: P2 respirator masks with no valve

Some N95 masks / P2 masks for sale have an exhalation valve. This makes it more comfortable to wear for long periods of time as it manages moisture build up. The valved P2 mask is for applications where the air breathed out does not need to be filtered. An example of this is that medical P2 Masks do not have a exhalation valve.

Any valved P2 Mask for sale is for construction / industrial / bushfire smoke filtration purposes. If you are using against viruses, use one of the non-valved P2 masks for sale as they fire air both breathed in and out.

We sell both valved and non-valved N95 facemasks Australia wide.

N95 mask Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and around Australia – Respirator Delivery

Not looking for a N95 mask for sale? Go back to our main product page.

Fit check instructions provided by the Victorian Government of Australia. These fitting instructions are for the head strap style of particulate respirators.

Please note: some particulate respirators, notably the ones certified under Chinese KN95 regulation are the earloop style and have a slightly different fitting process than detailed above. Please refer to the instructions on your respirator packaging.

A combination of strategies to reduce your risk

So it is important that you focus on things including but not limited to:

  • social distancing measures- stay 1.5m apart!
  • washing your hands with antibacterial soap and water
  • taking hand sanitiser with you to the shops and for example clean your hands before reentry to your car
  • remember not to put your hand under your facemask or touch your eyes
  • limit sharing of items within your household
  • if you are in the medical field, consider other protective clothing such as hazmat suits, face shields and protective eyewear and gloves
  • quarantine obligations for those who this applies

P2 masks for sale for Bushfire Smoke

Have you got bushfire smoke in your area? Bushfire smoke creates very fine particulate matter.

Inhaling PM2.5 particles is the main concern during bushfires. This is because they are small enough to get deep into the lungs and enter the bloodstream.

They are so small that they can pass through most types of face mask. You will get the best protection from P2 face mask which can block at least 95 percent of very small (0.3 micron) particles when fitted properly. Handkerchiefs and bandannas are not effective for bush fire smoke, as they do not have the proper filtration to combat such small particles.

Our P2 masks for sale are able to filter out very fine particles from the air when worn correctly. They help reduce exposure to bushfire smoke/ poor air quality and associated health effects. In times where bushfire smoke is present, it is recommended that you wear a P2 facemask outdoors and stay inside as much as possible.

Are you in Canberra, Melbourne, Victoria or Sydney or else where in Australia and are surrounded by bushfire smoke outside? Are you finding it hard to work out where to buy N95 mask in Sydney, or wondering where to buy N95 mask in Melbourne due to shortages in supply? Don’t worry you can buy face masks online and we deliver N95 masks Australia wide, through our online store.

N95 mask for sale

If you are finding it hard to determine where to buy a N95 Mask then we should be able to help. You can buy a N95 Mask Australia wide from your home while remaining in social isolation because of out online mask shop.

There is a lot of interest in our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and we are continuing to find alternative ways to buy P2 Masks so we can to source face coverings so you can buy N95 and P2 masks online.

N95 Face Covering For Your Child

Can children wear P2 respirator masks?

People have been seen advocating altering P2 respirator masks so they fit their child or even their baby. Did you know that children are not supposed to wear a P2 respirator Mask or N95 respirator mask unless they are over 14 years of age?

This is because the intake of their breath just is not strong enough to draw air through the filter material. This then becomes dangerous, as your kid can become at risk of suffocation. The other problem with using a standard N95 mask for kids is that it will be too big for their face. You are better off with a child size facemask that is not a respirator. But keep in mind, any child less than 2 should not wear any face covering at all!

If you have a child who is over 14, the “small faces” mask may be a good choice. But just remember – no N95 mask for kids under 14 years old!

If you need advice on what facemask your child can wear, please consult with a professional.

P2 Face Masks in Stock

Generally, P2 face masks are for construction and industrial purposes. But recent events have meant that people have had to come to tool shops to buy industrial P2 masks. Please note, that medical masks will be specifically marked and advertised as such. If a P2 respirator mask does not say it is for medical / therapeutic use, it is for occupational or home use.

If you are looking for a mask shop to buy:

N95 口罩



We have N95 masks in stock

Buy N95 Mask Australia wide – Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth

If you are wondering where to buy N95 mask Australia, we have P2 mask for sale and in stock! We are trying to keep the price down as much as possible. We are a small business and are working hard to dispatch P2 mask sale orders as quickly as possible across Australia.

Face coverings, do I actually need one?

Did you know that it is scientifically proven that if everyone wears masks transmission of viruses is much lower? That is because some droplets from our breath are very light and they float around in the air for many hours after we have left. Not only that, when we talk to each other we are actually shooting out little droplets in our breath towards the other person. That is why the government recommends that you stay 1.5m apart as well as wearing a face covering.

Basically they have found that face coverings not only help prevent you from catching illness, they also stop you from spreading illness. Did you know that illnesses spread before the person actually feels sick? A common misconception is that when you feel fine, you are not spreading harmful viruses. But before that virus takes hold and symptoms show, you are actually contagious. This means that once you are displaying symptoms it is often too late, and you have already shared your germs around. That is why it is a good idea to wear a face mask when you are out, as it not only protects you from catching anything, but it also protects you from sharing germs on the chance that you are ill and you don’t know it.



What is a P2 mask?

A P2 Mask is an Australian regulated particulate respirator designed to filter out ≥ 94% of very small (0.3 – 0.6 micron) particles and complies with AS/NZS 1716:2012.


Where to buy N95 Masks?

The majority of N95 masks are used in construction, industrial and mining applications, so the first place you should look is a tool shop or PPE shop. During extreme bush fire periods you may find them in pharmacies and through medical suppliers.


Is a P2 mask the same as N95?

P2 Masks are considered the Australian equivalent to the American N95 standard. Both types, when fitted properly, provide a high level of respiratory protection against non-oil based airborne particles.


How long can I wear a P2 respirator?

Most P2 respirators can be worn for 8 hours depending on the conditions of use. In times of poor air quality this time may be shorter. In some environments where they can become contaminated, government authorities and/or workplace management may shorten their recommended usage time.


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