How to keep glasses from falling off with a face mask

Wearing masks is becoming standard practice across all parts of society. But wear glasses daily like me, then this can be a bit frustrating. When you put the mask over your nose (yes it has to go over your nose), the mask makes your glasses fall off.

There are two steps to stopping your glasses from falling off while wearing a face mask. Step one is to pinch the wire nose seal so the mask contours closely around your nose. Step two is to get the earloop strap and put it over the arm of your glasses on each side. This then holds the glasses in place, no matter how much you move your head.

Glasses Fall Off With Mask

In this guide I show you an easy way to stop your glasses from falling off your face while wearing a face mask. I have to say, the first time I wore the mask out in public it was a nightmare. My glasses are not be in the best shape, and slip down my nose at the best of times (thanks to my three babies that love to grab them off my face).

But when I put on my mask, every time I looked anywhere but directly straight ahead, my glasses would slip down my nose, and even fall completely to the ground. Not only do you feel like a complete dork, but you have this nagging worry in the back of your head that you need to walk around without moving your head. So if your glasses slip off when wearing a mask, then you are in the right place to fix it.

This nifty little trick, stops your glasses from falling off your face all together!

Make sure the nose piece contours to your nose.

The first step to stop your glasses falling off your face mask is to really make sure the mask is sitting properly on your face. This achieves two things, it gives:

  1. your glasses a more stable foundation to sit on
  2. you a better fitted mask, therefore providing you with greater protection.

Most disposable face masks like surgical masks, N95, P2 and KN95 face masks have a metal nose piece that you can bend. But you might not be able to see this at first. While in some masks it is obvious as the metal nose piece is within the layers of the mask. Some times it is on the outside and you can clearly see the metal.

There is no difference in functionality. It does not matter if you can see the metal or not.

If you are wearing a cloth mask, you may not have a nose piece. That is ok, just go to the next step.

What you need to do is pinch the metal nose piece firmly around the bridge of your nose.

But that’s not the only thing you can do to prevent your glasses slipping down mask.

Secure face mask straps around glasses

The next step to stop glasses from falling off your face will work for any earloop mask, providing that the elastic is tight enough.

Normally when you use an earloop mask, you would loop the strap over your ear! But if you wear glasses, this little variation will save you from your glasses slipping down your nose. What I need you to do is slip the earloop both over your ear AND over the arm of your glasses!

Particulate KN95 masks like the ones we have available in our online store, are perfect for this. These offer ≥95 % filtration of the tiniest of particles (>0.3 microns), and have tight elastic that can be used to hold your glasses on. If you want to check them out, go to our range of face masks and look at the KN95 masks.

kn95 masks australia

In terms of respiratory protection, they are one of the best available. They have a secure fit with no gaps around the edge of the mask. This means that air can’t take a short cut around the edge of your mask without going through the filter like it can with a standard face mask.

Check out our Bi wei kang and Vidar KN95 masks for sale. In our testing of different types of masks against one another, these KN95 masks came out on top as being the best mask for glasses.

Glasses keep falling off with face mask? Not any more!

Note: If you have a head band P2 or N95 mask, unfortunately this trick will not work for you and you will need to stick with just making sure you mould the mask to your nose properly.

Just repeat on the other side and now your glasses won’t be going anywhere!

Do your glasses slip off when wearing a mask anymore?

After fitting the mask you may need to adjust it again on your face and make sure the nose bridge is still securely around your nose. Hint, if you have a tight seal around your nose it will also stop your glasses from fogging up! Not only that, tight seals provide the best protection.

So do you now know how to keep glasses from slipping when wearing a mask? Now you know what to do when your glasses slip off when wearing a mask. The best thing is that no one will even notice. There are no big bands around the back of your head or anything.

Did you know that we have a great range of KN95 Masks, N95 Masks and P2 Masks instore. So if you are wondering where to buy N95 masks or KN95 masks, we have got you covered with Australia wide delivery.

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