Where to buy kids masks

If everyone wears a mask, it contains the germs that might otherwise spread when people cough, talk or even breathe. By wearing a mask, you are doing your best to protect your family and others around you. While it is relatively easy to find adult sized masks, you might be wondering where to buy face masks for kids.

You can buy face masks for kids online and we have stock in store now. Whether you are looking for a disposable mask for kids, or a reusable kids mask, we have both options available. These masks are dispatched directly from Canberra to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia wide.

With the current pandemic situation, some areas are making it mandatory to wear face masks in public.  Even though it is not mandatory for kids to wear a mask, it is still best practice. So if you are looking for where to buy kids mask, read on, and we will show you what we have available.

Kids masks in stock and in Australia

We all love large online sales platforms as you can get items from all over the globe. One of the main problems is that the length of time it can take for your item to arrive. I have waited months for items to arrive, and that really won’t cut it for a kids face mask in the current situation. If you are saying to yourself ‘where to buy kids masks near me?’ then we can help you out.

Paragon Tools has kids masks in stock here in Canberra so you know that our stock is in Australia.

Where to buy quality masks for children

Another issue with the influx of options recently, is that you don’t know what you are getting. Did you know that not all cloth masks are equal? For instance a cloth mask made with a loose weave, for example a t-shirt type of material, does not provide as much protection as a mask made with a high thread count sheet. That’s simply because the looser the weave, the more particles can go through.

Reusable cloth mask for kids

Our reusable cloth masks for children are made from three layers of cotton, and have adjustable straps making it easy to fit on different sized heads.

best kids cloth mask

We also have two different sizes of kids masks for sale, as let’s face it, one size won’t fit all! The two kids mask sizes are:

  • ages 2-8 (14.5cm wide x 11cm high)
  • ages 8-14 (16.5cm wide x 12cm high)

Each children’s mask comes with 4 disposable filters so you can choose to use a filter or not.

Since it is a three layer mask, it provides good protection even without the filter. You can even save the filters for situations where you feel you need stronger protection.

You can buy these reusable cloth masks here.

Kids disposable masks for sale

Some time cloth masks are just not handy. Whether you are concerned they will misplace them, or just want to keep life simple. We have kids disposable masks for sale. These look exactly like your doctor’s surgical mask, but they are in a smaller size for kids.

Check out our kids disposable masks here!

Delivery to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide – Australia Wide

We have got you covered across Australia whether you need a mask in Melbourne or Sydney, or all the way over the west coast and needing a mask in Perth. Where ever you are, our friendly courier partners and Australia post will track you down and deliver your kids masks to your door. So shop with confidence, knowing that our PPE is here in Australia ready to be sent.

If you want to see adult options as well check out our main facemask page here.

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