Quality Bricklaying, Grinding, And Cutting Tools

With over 10 years of active experience in the construction industry, we know that tradies can’t afford to be let down by inferior gear. Relax with the comfort of tools you can rely on.


Quality Bricklaying, Grinding, And Cutting Tools

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Why We Appeal To Customers

We actually understand that often your time is worth more than the tool itself – so you can’t afford to be wasting time with flimsy gear!

Paragon Tools thoroughly tests it’s tools with professional tradesmen prior to adding it into our stock. We pride ourselves on only delivering top notch gear to our network of retail resellers, and direct to our trade network.


Have You Tried The ‘Flash’?

Paragon’s Flash series is a high quality all-round diamond blade. Handy to have in the back of the ute as it can cut most things on the work site and comes in sizes from 4.5 inches to 14 inches.

You don’t need to worry about noise with it’s vibration damped core.

You can choose between a segmented turbo or turbo diamond rim. Both giving this blade the edge with its superior cutting speed.

petrol cement mixer

Best Ever Product ”Petrol Cement Mixer”

Paragon’s heavy duty petrol Cement Mixer has been innovatively engineered to make sure, that even when working with the densest of materials, you have a product that is built to last. Durability was the key in creating this heavy duty mixer.

This concrete mixer has the added benefit of being lightweight and portable. At just 106kg, transporting and operating this petrol cement mixer is a one-man job.

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The stealth master concrete block blade is more expensive than the standard blades. But it lives up to its name, is silent and lasts longer so I reckon its pretty good.

– Lorenzo

I bought a paragon mixer and it doesn’t miss a beat.

– Damien

Been using a different brand of blade for years but when I saw Paragon I thought I should give it a go. I am really pleased with the result. When cutting bricks I get much longer life and they are a far bit cheaper.

– Tim