Everything You Need To Know About The Cost Of A Letterbox!

We all have a letterbox, and it can be one of the first things people notice when visiting our homes. This means that we often search for the nicest ones to suit our properties, but how much can a letterbox cost?

Store-bought letterboxes can range from $20 for a post-mounted letterbox, to over $700 for a pillar letterbox. Most quality letterboxes will cost over $100. To have a letterbox built, the price can reach over $1000 because it covers materials and labour. DIY letterboxes can be built for around $60.

There is such a range of letterbox prices, it all depends on what you’re looking for. So, let’s dive a little further into the wide world of letterboxes.

How much does it cost for a mail box?

In Australia, you can buy a steel letterbox from your local hardware store for as low as $15 with an accompanying post for $13. Some come as a package deal with both the box and post included. These are more expensive, typically ranging closer to, if not over, $100. You can generally install these by yourself at home. This is one of the cheapest letterbox options, but you aren’t guaranteed a long-lasting durable mailbox.

Alternatively, you can hire a bricklayer to put together a sturdy brick or rendered mailbox for you. This style is often built around a simple lockable mailbox that can be bought at your local hardware store. The actual letterbox for this style begins at a price of around $150. This can be a more costly option because of all the steps to building a letterbox. You are likely going to hire a bricklayer to build this letterbox. Their costs will include the time spent at your residence and they are likely to have to visit it three times to get the job done. The first visit would include setting the foundation for the letterbox, this could involve organising cement. Then they will build the letterbox, install the pier caps, and add your house number. The labour can cost you close to $300, if not more. But you are guaranteed to have a final result that is durable, timeless and weatherproof.

You could attempt to build your own brick letterbox, which can also be quite costly, but a good experience. You could learn how to lay bricks and feel super proud of your creation! The most common regular brick costs about $1 per brick. For a good letterbox heigh, you’ll want 12 rows of 8 bricks which is going to cost $96. Plus, the cement on top of this can be an extra $10. Then you have to add in the cost of the letterbox itself which will be at least $30. It will cost at least $140 to build your own brick letterbox. You will also want to make sure that you have quality bricklaying tools for a good build. It is less than hiring a bricklayer, but you might not end up with your desired finish.

The good news is that there are plenty of letterbox styles and prices to choose from!

How many types of letter box are there?

There are four main types of letterboxes in Australia that all come at a range of prices from $15 into the hundreds. They should all be around the same height of 90cm to 120cm following the standard Australian letterbox sizing. But it is their design that affects the price so much. Let’s take a look at them!

How much does a wall-mounted letterbox cost?How much does a fence mounted letterbox cost?

A wall-mounted letterbox is mostly made from stainless steel and can be more of a square shape. Instead of being like a tissue box attached to a pole, this letterbox is taller and thinner. When mail is inserted through the opening, it will fall down like when you post a letter in the postboxes on the street. It doesn’t stick out as much as a standing letterbox because it is designed to fit against the wall of your house. You can usually screw the box onto the wall to hold it there. Prices of these can range from $50 to $170 depending on the style and material.

How much does a wall mounted letterbox cost?How much does a fence mounted letterbox cost?

A fence mounted letterbox is almost the same thing as a wall-mounted letterbox. It is taller and thinner than a post-mounted letterbox and attaches to your fence in the same way a wall-mounted attaches to the wall. There are some fence mounted letterboxes that are added to the fence. So, you cut out a space in your fence for the letterbox, slide it in and screw in the attachments. This is a more popular choice in Australia because our postie just pulls up at our fence and the letterbox is right there. Fence mounted letterboxes can cost anywhere between $35 and $250.

How much does a post mounted letterbox cost?How much does a pillar letterbox cost?

Previously one of the most common letterbox types, a post mounted letterbox has the tissue-box inspired shape that sits on top of a post. This post is stuck into the ground along your fence line so that the postie has easy access to the letterbox. Often there is a half-cylinder that is the lid of the box. This is a space for newspapers and bigger mail. You can get this type of letterbox for as little as $20. Depending on the style and material, the price can also reach just under $100. It depends on what you’re looking for.

How much does a post mounted letterbox cost?How much does a freestanding/pillar letterbox cost?

More recently, free-standing and pillar letterboxes have become the most common type of letterbox for Australians. This style of letterbox is typically mounted into the ground with concrete, dirt, and stones. It can have a post combination to dig into the ground too. Similar to fence mounted letterboxes, the box itself is incorporated into the pillar material. There are lots of designs to choose from made from all kinds of building materials like timber, cement, and stainless steel. These letterboxes start at around $130 and can cost more than $700. But they are of good quality and come in all different designs.

How much does it cost to build a letterbox?

If you want to build your own letterbox with new materials, you could be looking at spending around $60. But if you want to get creative and build a letterbox by reusing materials from around your home, you will save more money! There are lots of creative letterbox ideas floating around.

You will want to aim for your letterbox to have a slot that is slightly bigger than an A4 piece of paper, around 24cm. This is so that your postie doesn’t have to roll up bigger mail, potentially ruining the letter. Make the letterbox depth around 33cm, again to comfortably fit an A4 piece of paper. You will also want the letterbox to be between 90cm and 120cm high. This is a good height for the postie to be able to stop by and reach the letterbox.

If you have the materials laying around, the only cost that you might have to endure would be extra nails to put the letterbox together. You should also make sure that you have good cutting and grinding tools to DIY your letterbox with any materials. Looking to install some brick tiles somewhere at your home? We can give you a guide to installing brick tiles! Paragon Tools Australia has plenty of bricklaying, cutting, grinding and renovation ideas to help you out with your projects, like removing a concrete driveway! Check out our resources.

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